Ida Riegels

Cellist and recorder player Ida Riegels is educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Music by Professor Morten Zeuthen and Jakob Kullberg.

In the last few years she has established herself as a cycling cellist with tours in Denmark and abroad. In the spring of 2020 she won the Danish Radio award "Fiery Soul of the Year".

Her projects include a concert tour by bike in Bach's footsteps through Germany, the project "1.000 km Cello" along the Rhine river, a tour across Denmark from Copenhagen to Skagen and a concert tour by tandem bicycle through Denmark, all of them with the cello on the back.

Ida Riegels is playing a cello that she has built and designed herself specially for solo repertoire. In the summer this year her debut CD "Cello Stories" will be published on Danacord Records.

In the early years Ida was a first prize winner at “Berlingske Tidende’s Music Competition” and passed the English “Royal School of Music’s” exams with distinction.

In 2014 she was the featured artist at California Audio Show, and since then, she has been touring in many parts of the world e.g. USA, Canada, England, Germany, Bhutan, Thailand and India.

Ida Riegels has been featured on several different TV and radio programs in both Denmark and Germany, and she is right now recording some of her own compositions for the Danish classical radio.

At the Royal Danish Theater she has played the cello for a series of shows with Louise Alenius, and as a soloist she is working with different ensembles where she performs two concertos by Vivaldi. One for recorder and one for cello.

In November 2020 she began building her 2nd cello, which will be premiered on her biking concert tour through Jutland in the summer.

Ida Riegels:

“I’m interested in what happens between the listeners and the musician. How the audience is giving life to the music.”


2021: "Cello stories" Debut Album release and "Tandem på Klangveje" a tour along Hærvejen in Jutland.

2020: "Cello Tandem tour" - A concert tour through Denmark by tandem with different musicians for each part.

2019: "500 km Cello" A concert tour by bike From Copenhagen to Skagen

2018: Performance in Roskilde Cathedral

2017: August, Building cello in Cambridge

2017: Juni, ’In Bach’s footsteps’ a concert tour by bike with Bach’s music.

2017: May, Performing for ’Porøset’ at The royal Danish Theater.

2017: May – Dec. Soloist with Lynge Chamber Orchestra and Koling Chamber orchestra in two concertos by Vivaldi.

2016 - 2017: Lectures about Classical music.

2015 - 1016: Premiere of own compositions at the new music society ’Ny musik i Birkerød’.

2015 - 2016: Concerts in Germany, Thailand and Check republic.

2015 - 2016: Participating in Danish Radio, P2 Søndagsklassikeren.

2014: Triathlon concerts in Thimphu Bhutan, Assam, Haridwar, Indien,Vancouver and Victoria, Canada.

2014: Recording of CD: Ida Riegels Triathlon.

2014: ‘Featured artist’ for ‘California Audio Show’ - San Francisco.

2012 - 2017:  Duo Between Strings. Church concerts in Denmark.

2012:  Founder of the music club ‘Cake Concerts’.

2011: ‘Special guest’ with Rudersdal Trio at Orchestrade Universelles, France.

2010:  Graduation, Cello at Royal Danish Academy og Music.

"A welcome breath of fresh air"

Jason Victor Serninus, Stereophile. 

"An oasis of incredible harmony"

 Tune Church

"An experience where you could almost hear your own heart" 

Solrød Strand Church 




Ida Riegels: Cello, Recorder, and Piano.
Toldbodgade 16, 5. 1253 Copenhagen K. Denmark
+45 28139768
Performance Reviews:
Stereo Times, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Hi Fi World (scroll down page), Yuki Sugiura of Sony USA.
2013-15: Self-production of several Youtube music videos including:
Moon Over Ruined Castle (with original variations). 
J.S. Bach: G-major Prelude
New Piece (written and performed by Ida Riegels).
Tchaikovsky: Valse Sentimentale
Faure: Elegie
2014: Featured solo musical artist California Audio Show; San Francisco. Multiple Triathlon concerts across California in August & December.
1990-2014: Recorder study with Kæthe Kristiansen.
1993-1998: Cello study with Örnolfur Kristjansson
1996: Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Exam Grade 5, with Distinction.
1997: Master Class with Michala Petri.
1998-2002: Cello study with Kristian Nørby
1999: Berlingske Times Classical Music Competition. 1st prize on the recorder.
2001: Master Class with cellist, Gert von Bülow.
2001: Master Class with cellist, Henrik Brendstrup
2002-2003: Musicology and MGK, Copenhagen.
2002: Master Class with cellist, Ingemar Brantelid
2003-2010: Cello Graduate Study with Professors Morten Zeuthen and Jakob Kullberg at The Royal Danish Academy of Music.
2003: Piano study with Niklas Sivelöv.
2005: BA degree, Cello.
2005: Master Class with Tokyo Quartet.
2006: Appearance on Danish radio with Beethoven Geister trio in Garnison Church.
2006: Master Class with cellist Toke Møldrup.
2007: Master Class with cellist Anner Bylsma.
2007: Master Class with cellist Mats Lidström.
2010: Cello graduation from The Royal Danish Academy of Music.
2011: Special guest with Rudersdal Trio at Orchestrade Universelles, France.
2012: Founder & organizer of musician loge ‘Cake Concerts’.
2012: Founded Duo Between Strings. Church concerts across Denmark.
2013: Rudersdal Kammerorkester.
2014: July. Recorded and self-produced first CD: Ida Riegels Triathlon.
2014: Triathlon Concerts in Thimphu Bhutan; Assam and Haridwar, India.
2014: Triathlon Concerts in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
2015: January - August: More than 30 Triathlon Concerts across Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic. 
Ida Riegels: Cello, Recorder, and Piano.