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På cykeltur med Bach



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I Bachs fodspor

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Mit Bach und Rückenwind article (German):
Radeln auf den Spuren von Bach



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Part of panel of judges in 'P2 Søndagsklassikeren' - radioprogram (Danish)

Vært: Frank Jensen

Beetovens 6. symfoni 18. juni 2017

Mozart Violinkoncert nr 5

Mozart klaverkoncert nr 24



In Bach's footsteps Salzwedel:

Just as I was leaving, I learned that classical and baroque multi-instrumentalist Ida Riegels had graciously invited people in for one final set. The ceilings may have been low, and the dryness of the acoustic hardly tailor-made for baroque instruments, but Riegels' baroque recorder playing music from Corelli's La Folia provided a welcome breath of fresh air after so much fine and not so fine canned sound. I extend thank yous to Riegel and show promoter Constantine Soo for music that satisfied far beyond the demands of the obligatory "live reference."

Stereo Times

Riegels signature piece is the beautiful and haunting four movement Variation she has written of Japanese composer Rentaro Taki’s Moon over Ruined Castle. Sony emptied their own High Resolution Audio suite to attend and record one of Ida’s concerts on the new PCM-D100 portable DSD recorder. The unit’s designer, Takaai Hashimoto, personally provided the engineering hands on. The recording was no less amazing than the effect her rendition of Moon had over the Sonyites, especially when they learned of Ida’s summiting of Mt Fuji last summer during a trip to Japan.


Riegels is the real(s) deal, no doubt about it, and her impact will surely be felt again here in California at next years CAS, if not before. Hats off to CAS organizer and Dagogo publisher Constantine Soo for having the vision to realize the value of adding intimate venue high quality acoustic classical music to his audiophile gathering.